Craig Quartermaine

Unstimulated by a career in the mining industry and a former life as an apprentice chef, a better than average income just wasn’t enough to keep Craig Quartermaine driving dump trucks. As he edged towards 30, the Nyoongar man opted for a career change – a broadcasting scholarship with ABC radio set him on a new path, and he was selected to participate in writing workshops for the second season of Australia’s first Indigenous sketch comedy show, ABC TV’s hugely popular Black Comedy. From here Craig went on to become the Western Australian correspondent for National Indigenous Television, NITV.

Inspired to start doing stand-up comedy, within just a few years Craig made the national finals in Australia’s most prestigious comedy competition – triple j’s RAW, and shortly afterwards headed off to play London’s West End before making his triumphant Edinburgh Fringe Festival debut.

Craig’s spectacularly-received debut show Race Off introduced the Australian race dynamic to the world and was widely acclaimed, with 4 and 5 star reviews gushing about the Fringe newcomer setting him on his way to his first European tour. Craig is now back in Australia and has shifted to the East Coast for some major upcoming projects… and it doesn’t look like he’ll be slowing down for you or your feelings.

Quartermaine’s take on race, politics or Australian nuances you may or may not wanna admit to is not always comfortable; but he takes pride in making you laugh when you really think you shouldn’t. Unique with a biting perspective about life as an Indigenous Australian trapped very much in the middle of every situation he finds himself in, Quartermaine’s dark wit sneaks up on you right before it smashes you in the face.

The accomplished Journalist and TV writer is described in the UK as a “charming ball of rage”… don’t let the smile fool you and don’t let the laughs scare you.

"Quartermaine's is the most perfectly delivered punchline you’re likely to see at the Fringe" The Wee Review (UK)
"Quartermaine destroys the crowd with incisive material that can’t be disputed" Australia Times
"Quartermaine gives as good - and often better – than he gets" Chortle (UK)