Titus O’Reily

Titus O’Reily’s unique take on sport has been hailed by some of the most respected figures in sport as ‘awful’, ‘childish’ and ‘barely comprehensible’.

Titus captures the trial and tribulations that come with being a sports fan, covering everything from the third man up rule to his recent discovery that the AFL has teams outside of Melbourne.

As well as his own national comedy tours, Titus has performed at the North Melbourne Grand Final Breakfast, functions for AFL clubs Sydney, Port Adelaide, Fremantle and St Kilda and many other corporate events.

He has also appeared on Channel Seven’s AFL coverage, ABC Grandstand, Fox Sports and is a regular on NOVA FM’s breakfast show with Chrissie Swan, Sam Pang and AFL legend Jonathan Brown.

Titus also had his first book, A Thoroughly Unhelpful History of Australian Sport released by Penguin Random House in November 2017.

His lighting quick, clever and hilarious insights on sport and AFL has earned Titus 195,000 followers on Twitter and more than 54,000 Facebook followers.